I purchased three shirts online from flippydeals.com. I received a product different then the I Ordered. Now I want to return the product and I am getting no response for the email. Number posted over the site is also not reachable.
I have paid 800 rupees. Main concern is I have found out that this site has done same fraud to almost all the people. So this site needs to get stopped from frauding people in future.

Brijesh Khundhawala
Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune 411028, Maharashtra
Email: bxxxxxxxh@gmail.com / 06/09/2016 / 5:58 pm

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  1. i bought 128 gb samsung evo 10 class memory card . i paid 900 rupees for this, but i found 64 gb instead of 128 gb. i want to return product and money back. my order no is 0ID359283.

  2. Ordered 2 branded shirts worth rupees 799.. received wrong product with terrific quality and I didnt receive the actual product

    Received the
    BlueDart courier
    Reference number- OID377223
    Order number- 79046668013

  3. I ordered for 5 brand new shirts worth 999rs. i got different shirts.i complained by sending email….u gav the no. which is a fake no.
    jst look into this matter and solve it as soon as possible.

  4. I ordered for 5 brand new shirts worth 999rs. i got different shirts.i complained by sending email….u gav the no. which is a fake no.
    jst look into this matter and solve it as soon as possible.

  5. Achchi shirts btakar itni gandi shirts bheji hai ki kisi garib ko dene me bhi sharam aa jaaye…. esa karne se aapka bussness kab tak chalega yaar …. insaniyat naam ki cheez hi nhi hai ese logo ke kaaran hi aaj hamara desh sabse peeche hai….

  6. I ordered 3pack of party wear shirts it’s very cheap and useless shirts I want my money back my order no is OID374347 sold my BIG DEALS

  7. I order branded 3 mens shift from flippydeals ,but the shirt is not original as show on site. Its a very poor quality shirt & also in different size. It is fake quality product.so i want return my money.there is no any return option available .i try to contact on there mobile no its not working.. So please help me ..

  8. I ordered 3pack shirts is very cheaf & so poor quality i want my money back my order

  9. item name:branded men’s combo of 3 party wear pure linen shirts.
    this product is full of fraud and didn’t have any quality meterials and its full waste,used matirials….web site is www. flippydeals.com
    dont buy in this website
    and it is not opening yet after recieving my order and so plzz check this
    i lost 799 RS….by this product ….. plzz check it and do the favour me…


  10. I had received wrong pair of shoes so please refund my money and take these shoes
    My order number is

  11. I ordered Samsung power bank 25000mah and offer head phone,64gb ad card but I received no original product I, m receive 16800mah duplicate powerbank sd card rejected head phone not taking all product are duplicate

  12. i ordered vivo power bank 25000mah and offer 64gb sd card head phone .but i received no original producat i am received samsung 1000mah power bank sd card rejected. Head phone not talking all product are duplicate

  13. This is fraud company .i order a show that was Nice when I saw on mobile phn Nd I ordered it bt a received a wrong product that is fake Nd now I want to return this product Bt they did not give any response. I paid 1000 rupee.

  14. I ordered mi 25000 mah power bank,,offer witj 64 gb sb card,powerful bluetootj headphone,and fidget spinner,,but I received only samsung 25000 mah power bank and 128 gb sd card…but the samsung power bank dose not work…i want my cash back..or my ordered orginal product…

  15. combo of samsung power bank 25000mah 128gb sd card damage itme dilivery plzzz refund

  16. Combo of mi power bank SD card Samsung and pendrive Are not sending original product and also sending only two product I pay 1050 red. I want refund

  17. I buy 25000 mah power bank , 64gb memory card and earphones. Thay all are spam and damaged. Plz refund my money.
    Order id 858707988

  18. I buy 25000 mah power bank,64 gb memory card and earphones. They all are spam and damaged.plz refund my money.
    Order no858712545

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