Yatra.com ruining my Honeymoon

I am writing this complaint in middle of my honeymoon, while sitting in hotel room on day 2 of my hotel booked by Yatra.com.

This is because, what I was told and what I am experiencing are totally different. Let me just explain you, I have options of honeymoon package in south Delhi Munar, Thekkady and Alleppey from makemytrip, travel triangle and Yatra as well. I was having similar quotes of 55000 from all of them, for which I opted for Yatra, just because Mr.vxxxxt, travel expert of Yatra convinced me saying this would be best for experience from us. He told me about special things we will cover. I agreed him and proceeded with the booking. (I have attached my itinerary being told and sent).

While booking he asked me to pay 20000 first to atleast book tickets of flights and rest amount after a while on my request. But after half an hour while I was going to pay my rest amount he called and said I need to pay 3000 extra as flight fare has increased. I paid half an hour before while being on call with him and still after half an hour according to him fare has changed after booking and I refused to pay further 3000. He made the booking complete by paying my rest 35000.

Then things started coming out which after booking was complete, I was asked to pay for cake cutting and room decoration if I want to on asking. I still agreed.

Now, 2 days hotel in Munar, was told is 3 star and would be perfect for staying, and I am here on Day 2 in totally closed room with no view/no windows. In my itinerary, my Day 2 included few small places to visit and visit to Eravikulam National Park, which I got to know is closed for March every Year, and my travel expert was not aware of this fact and still added this. Because of this, I have to stay in this locked room since afternoon, frustrating.

Moreover, Backwaters is world famous in Alleppey, and my itinerary clearly state that, and was stated by Vxxxxt while booking for Waterboat house being part of my Day 4.

I had a word with customer support in afternoon about the same, but they clearly said, they cannot do anything in this and I need to pay 10000 more if want to book waterboat house and disconnected saying to be online while he is talking to Vxxxxt.

I tried calling but could not contact customer support and advised by IVR to drop mail for INSTANT REPLY. I dropped mails but did not receive any call. (screenshots attached). At around 11 pm I again tried calling, talked to customer care, who again disconnected saying we cannot do anything is this. Now I got the reply on mail that we have done everything as per quotation and sales team has already negotiated at time of booking, so nothing can be done.

In short, nobody is ready to listen and solve the problem I am facing, YATRA dont understand or dont want to understand how they are ruining special time of people. If they want to know the fact, instead of hearing from their culprit employees, listen the conversations from very beginning on my number 8xxxxxxxxx5. Though maximum calls were done from outbound or mobile numbers which would not be recorded making this an excuse.

I am registering this complaint, just to make people aware of the things and don’t face such things during their special event(s) and choose better option than YATRA. I have to resume this worst time as I have no option now.

Simranjeet Singh
Gurgaon 122001, Haryana
Email: sxxxxxxxx2@foodpanda.in

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  1. Dear Simranjeet,

    We regret for the inconvenience caused to you!

    We would like to inform you that we have checked our team was in contact with you regarding your query and they have offered you to give 3000 e-cash as a goodwill gesture. Hence, kindly share your consent to process the same because any further refund would not be possible on this.

    Yatra Care

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