I had purchased a Yu YuFit band on 5th Aug 2015 from Amazon for Rs 999. But in 3 months time the device stopped functioning. Since the device was still under warranty i raised a complaint with Yu televentures who was marketing and selling the product on Amazon. I initially reached out to Amazon and they said since the product is under warranty i need to get in touch with Yu Televentures for support. After raising the complaint (Ref.Ticket#1668436) i was made to wait for almost a month before I got a call from Yu confirming the complaint and that a pick of the device would be done. From this call another 3 weeks later the device was reverse picked up. And another month before i got confirmation that device was received at their end.

After a week later i again called to check on the status and they said they are processing a refund, and when I queried why they are initiating a refund, they confessed that device was a failure and no support action was able to resolve the issue. Last month (Feb) i got a mail requesting my bank details to initiate the refund, following which i shared the details and no update till the end of the month. Then when i again followed up they responded that the bank details i shared was incorrect and asked to resend it. The details were correct and i resent it again. I have not yet got the refund and still waiting after 5 months following up and no use.

Anesh Kurian
Munekollala, Bangalore 560037, Karnataka
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxxn@gmail.com / 08/03/2016 / 11:25 am

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  1. @Anesh Kurian

    I am facing the same issue exact thing happened to me this shit company is so shameless that they dont even reply to mail, dont follow up, their customer care team dissconnects call as they dont have any info on the same. really fustrated its been 6 months.
    Those idiots Yu has even blocked me from their Facebook page to show their users how good they are & to maintain their reputation.

    Reference Ticket id:1362829

  2. Hi guys

    Have the same issue as you guys. Am going for consumer court. Would suggest you also do the same. This is the only way to teach them.

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