I purchased yu yuphoria from amazon in june, on august 23 it after charging when i started the phone it stucks on yu logo and after it becomes dead. whenever i plug in the charger the yu logo shows and after the screen turn blank i called the customer care center first they told to perform very technical procedure which a engineer should they told me to download 300 mb file. whenever i call then they told me another procedure press 2 buttons press 3 button after that they told me that they will not repair my mobile but replace it with refurbished one. which i dont wanted to happen as i paid for a new phone not an old used phone. i agreed to that as it was the only procedure. but after waiting for many days the gave me a phone which was having the same issue. and now they are telling me to do the procedure again. i am a student and this procedure is very hectic for me. whenver i call customer care they always says that we have to transfer the call to technical department. after waiting for 10- 15 min on hold the technical department didnt answer. i am fed up with the service i want the refund. ticket no 1256841

Shekhar Singh
New Delhi 110092
Email: skshekhar31]@gmail.com / 09/09/2015 / 1:15 pm

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