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Air India flight delayed, no refund for cancellation

I had two tickets booked in Air India flight scheduled for 7:15 and arriving Mumbai at 8:40 on Jan 31, 2016. I had an international flight to Munich to catch at 01:30 am. Ticket number: 2114765263/2114765264

Also in order to avoid any miscommunications, I called at your service center on 23rd January and spoke to your customer care agent who assured me that there will be no delays and in case of delay you will be informed over phone. I also updated two contact numbers with her.

I did not receive any communication through SMS or a call rather there was an email. Fortunately I checked the email, and called at customer care who asked us to get a Jet airways flight on Air India behalf (as you people have a tie up with them) but they cannot do it online and I have to be at the airport.

The Jet Airways flight was in 2 hours of when I was alerted for the delay in flight, I somehow managed and left for the airport where to my disappointment there was no Air India agent to assist us in any form. We also tried contacting and connecting to all available numbers which were unanswered. We tried to connect to city office at Indore and Mumbai but they were helpless for the situation and said Air India services at the airport can only help. The flight which we planned to travel was again delayed by one hour.

We had no other option then to get our flight booked ourselves. We booked two tickets with Jet Airways and had to pay extra for the luggage also ( As the luggage allowance in air india was 25 kgs and for jet the limit was 15 kgs)

I would like to demand for all the extra costs incurred in my journey as it was totally unfair on Air India part.

I have receipt / confirmation of below documents:
1. Jet airways tickets
2. Cancellation of Air India Tickets
3. Receipt for the luggage charges taken by Jet.

Here there is no option of attaching more than one document, so only attaching one ticket. I have all the required document with me.

Despite following up with Air India people from last 4 months i didn’t got any penny back. I would like to submit a complaint for Air India and would like to hear back from the judiciary.

Rishabh Sanghvi
Vallabh Nagar, Indore 452003, Madhya Pradesh
Email: / 04/05/2016 / 12:28 am

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