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Arbitrariness of Vodafone Mobile Services

On 14/11/2014 around 9:50 am I recharged my vodafone no. 8298151821 with 2G internet pack of Rs. 248 offering 3GB unlimited data for 1 month.
Around 10:10 am I received msg that “your internet pack is active now………….”.
I started using it.
on the same day in the evening. at 6:59 pm i got a msg that “your previous internet pack has been overwritten”.
I didn’t care about it. and keep on using my net.
but after a few hours my net disconnected. I tried many a times. but nothing new.
I called customer care at 198. he told me that Vodafone Company has given me 30 MB 3G data specially for me.

I asked him who told them to give me such an offer. When the comapany already knows that an internet pack is active on my no. and if someone recharges on the same no. with another offer the previous pack will automatically be overwritten.

Company didn’t ask for my confirmation and miused our rights. Indeed it spoiled both my money as well as time and cosumer’s rights.

when I complained about this matter to 198 they registered my complaint with no. 210081324 on 14/11/14 at 08:08 pm. and they said that they will recharge my no. again with Rs. 248 with next 24 hrs. But after 24 hrs. they said we are sorry we are unable to do it. It’s company’s offer what can we do. You may appeal to 198 again.
It’s means they are cheating people. Misusing their rights, spoiling their money.

A Prakash Rao
Email: nikhilprasad_21@yahoo.in
Contact No. 08409425780 / 17/11/2014 / 12:03 pm

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