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Bad experience in Sun and Sand Hotel in Shirdi

I had the most horrific experience in this so called reputed hotel in a divine city of Shirdi. I am a regular visitor to Shirdi and have always been a guest of Sun n Sand in Shirdi . However, in my last trip, I had a terrible experience in their restaurant. In the evening, I ordered food at their coffee shop from SLICE OF ITLAY. I had ordered for a penne pasta amongst other things, and I noticed a dead cockroach in my pasta after consuming half of the dish. I informed the wait staff and they refused to call the General Manager of the hotel ,Mr. K.N Pxxxxxe. Upon my insistance to call him, the staff all had different excuses for his absence. Next morning during check-out, when I approached the GM of the hotel, MR. K.N PxxxxE, he showed the most nasty and rude behavior by saying “you can do whatever you want to do, we will refuse to accept this and erase all kinds of evidence, and if at all anything happened to you after eating that pasta, we would have TAKEN YOU IN AN AIR AMBULANCE!!” He added that “it’s just a small mistake and not a big deal which you are making it to be.” I have videos and photos of the entire ordeal as evidence.

Ishita Gangwal
New Delhi-110021
Email: / 27/05/2016 / 2:25 pm

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