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I received a call on 06/02/2014 about the job vaccancy in M/s Samsung and M/s Hewitt at Bangalore from a job portal . They asked me to register by paying 1500+tax = 1685.4 Rs . They told me that after the registration I shall get the interview calls from the mentioned companies and further I shall get the interview calls from other companies through out the year and the registration is only one time. I was impressed by this and as per the guidance given over the telephone call, I registered myself in the website immediately by using my credit card. I was asked to pay the above amount under the headline of Career — Resume Modification in the said website. I got the confirmation mail from the site about the registration. Then further the customer care call came and asked me to do further process in the web site for getting the interview call. They asked me to add further utilities under the career —- Resume Modification (4999/-) + Need Fast Delivery (1000/-) + Portfolio Verification (Employment+ Education verification = 3199/- )+ Interview Guidance (2200/-). After selecting these total become 10898/- + tax = 12244.99.

When I told I cannot pay this much they told only service tax part 1346.99 shall be taken and the total amount shall be taken care by their site. Hence they asked me to go ahead with the payment procedure. But when the payment site opened it was showing the total amount 12244.99. When I asked why this was so, they told me that they would take only the tax part as they are having arrangement to take the service tax. They asked me to fill the credit card details and press the proceed button. But to my luck error message came when I did this. When I reported this to the customer care person he asked me to pay by NET Banking. I followed that and to my horror I saw the total amount payable as 12244.99. As I know NEFT clearly, I knew that if I place the transaction password and click ok then the amount shown shall be paid to the web site fully. Here I got suspicion and asked the operator about this.

When I asked him he jumped himself to next tactical words that you pay the amount now and when you go for the interview the interviewing company shall pay you the amount 10898/-. How this is possible? I came to know the company is fraud one. Hence I put a proposal through an email to the company saying “ you get me the job I shall pay double the amount ie 40000/- once I get the first salary of the company wherein I get selected or otherwise return my registration money of 1685.4 “. For this the site is not responding.

Note: The customer care operators are so well versed that you shall get duped very easily. When I argued with them about the payment of 12244.99 they reduced this amount to half!!!! and asked me to pay the amount so that they could arrange the interview. More I talked with them more I am getting to know the company is FRAUD one. Pl take care of yourself and don’t get duped.

Venugopal R
Address: No. 107, 29th cross, 12th main, BSK 2nd Stage, Bangalore, Karnataka
Email: / 07/02/2014 / 6:19 pm

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    • ICF on 07/02/2014 at 7:08 pm

    Did you get back the money paid by you initially?

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