Cheated by Travel and Tours Agents Alif Travels

Cheated by Travel and Tours Agents Alif Travels

We about 18 members of Lion Club booked a trip to Kashmir through a local Travel Agent in Mumbai, to depart on 18th August and return on 25th August. However as our departure dates approached nearer it was noticed that political situation in Kashmir were not safe and on 15th August early morning we told the travel agent to cancell the flight and hotel bookings. Till that date he had neither given us any details of the hotels nor given us hotel booking vouchers, he did not even told us the cancellation policies of the hotel and did not tell us if any amount will be deducted as cancellation fee. We had paid him the full amount and till date he has not returned our money. He avoids our calls and also moved his business address of which we have no information. It is a very large amount which he has pocketed with no sign of any assurance from him for refund.

Bhagwat Murdia
Ocean View, Union Park, Khar, Mumbai 400052, Maharashtra
Email: / 12/11/2013 / 5:02 pm

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