Cheating from an instagram page Gadget store 2 for electronics

Cheating from an instagram page Gadget store 2 for electronics

Myself has been cheated by an online instagram bussiness page selling electronics named Gadget store 2.I paid an amount of Rs 22300/- for Iphone 7 plus after seeing the picture and confirming it .But when they send the product ,the received product wan not as shown in the picture but broken and untidy .Also its charger was broken and they have failed to sdd earpods in it even though they have asked me to pay for the earpods.
The vendor made deal to replace the product with another neat phone ,the second phone they send was neat and tidy outside ,but it wasnt switching on. So they told to consult it with a shop to refit the battery .I did as told and it costed me rs 100/- plus travelling expenses. But the shopkeeper told that the product was not worth 22300/- as the charger was fake ,there was no earpods, the display and battery of the phone have been changed ,the touch id was not working , also the phone was opened. Also when I came back home and charged it , the charge wasnt increasing but decreasing even though the phone was plugged in charge. I humbly requested them for refund as this was the limit of trust and patience, but they are not cooperating for either replacement or refund. I humbly request to take necessary actions and to let me get the amount that I paid.

Thachampoyil po
Thamarassery 673573

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    • Believer on 21/05/2021 at 4:04 pm

    Are you talking about @gadget_stores_2?

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