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Closure of bank account without consent and information

I had a savings account with Kotak mahindra bank, kukatpally branch, hyderabad. When j joined a company, i received a salary account from the same branch and hence i have a savings and salary account from the same branch.
Recently, when i moved on to a new company, i thought of closing my salary account. Hence gave a request to close my salary account, but without any intimation, they closed my savings account too.
When raised a complaint, they said it was a mistake and there is nothing to do with that and the bank account cannot be restored. When i asked for the application which i gave for closing the account, they said the application was unable to tetrieve from the banks database. Then after there is no response from the bank and nobody is bothered about the customer. Later they offered a zero balance account and when i accepted and asked the representative to collect the documents, they said the account needs to be maintained with 10,000 rupees as deposit.

Chandra Shekar
KPHB Colony 500072, Andhra Pradesh
Email: / 25/02/2017 / 6:23 am

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