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Complaint against Appsdaily for rejecting claim

I have mobile insurance from AppsDaily insurance company. I have registered damage claim on 5 th March 2016. In response to that company asked me to pay 25% of replacement value which was not appropriate as per the booklet I received at the time of insurance. I brought that to company’s notice that as per booklet my contribution should be 15% of replacement value.

After all the hardwork and various mails to customer care, on 16 may2016, I received mail from Appsdaily that I have to pay only 4199/- (amount as per booklet 15%) which I agreed to pay. When I paid that amount to company and visited AppsDaily connect centre I got to know that company has closed (rejected) my case . When I called customer care to inquire about the same, they told me that claim can be availed within 15 days of complaint registered.

I would like to know if this the case why shouldn’t I have been informed in advance that my case is rejected and if they have rejected then how can the AppsDaily customer care wrote me an email stating I need to pay 4199/- after 2 months of registered complaint. And to my surprise I got to know that the moment I paid them 4199/- Rs on 21/05/2016 they rejected my case.

First of all the discrepancy was from their side which they resolved on 16 th may so how can 15 days of logic is there. 2nd if they want to reject the case why did they ask me to pay 4199/- after 2 months of follow ups.

They denied to give me anything in writing. Because of all this I felt mentally harassed.

My complaint id is ADI-050316_2991538

Amrita Mishra
Noida 201301, Uttar Pradesh
Email: / 21/05/2016 / 6:50 pm

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