Complaint against Bajaj Finserv for abuse by recovery agent

This is against the NBFC Bajaj Finserv, we had purchased a refrigerator worth Rs. 22000 on 8 month EMI basis paying Rs. 2900.

I am due to pay my last EMI but since due to certain situations I couldn’t pay the last EMI on time hence I have been requesting the bank officials to allow time to pay. Please note that have never avoided their calls unless busy at work. I have bore the charges for late payment without denials.

Now yesterday I received a bunch of missed calls from the number 9663299180 I returned on realising it is the bank official to confirm the payment will be made in a moment and share the transaction ID but instead I get abused in foul language and why is my mother being abused ? For merely an amount Rs 2900??

Now I want to make this a national issue, How does an NBFC or Bajaj finserv reserve the right to abuse the customer, are these classless rowdies aka collection agents representative of the bajaj finance or NBFCs being trained to be abusive? Which law states the abusing and harrassing with dirty, foul language will recover the funds?

We have the call recording of this agent representing Bajaj Finserv Ltd. This will go on all the social media and news channels, write to RBI about their gruesome practice if necessary.. we will not stop doing this unless the culprit is found and brought in front with his parents and the head of operations of Bajaj Finserv along with the training/recruitment manager to play this call.

Saravana kumar
Bangalore 560047, Karnataka

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