Complaint against Honda Cars for defective tyres and poor service

Let me start be saying that my recent experience with Honda has been pathetic and frustrating and I totally regret my decision of buying a Honda Car.

Now, to brief about my complaint I Would like to bring into your kind notice that I had purchased my Honda City on 15th March’12 ( Registration no – CH01 AM 4418) from Harmony Honda Chandigarh ( Joshi Automotive Phase2, Plot No. 67. Industrial Area Chandigarh ),

I had only driven 17, 000 KMS on my car on the nicely paved roads of Chandigarh city and the factory fitted Goodyear tyres have completely worn out. Right from day 1 till date, my car has always and only been serviced at Harmony Honda and as per the service schedule.

I complained about the condition of my cars tyres to your dealership and I would appreciate that they were prompt enough to call my car to the showroom to have this checked, I had also written to Goodyear India regarding this. Now, to my utter surprise I was told that “It’s Completely Normal” for tyre’s to wear out so early. Infact I was told that I may have not maintained the air pressure in my goodyear’s and they claimed that it may have happened because my cars alignment wasn’t proper.


Who was supposed to take care of my cars alignment etc ? Every time I had sent my car to Honda for servicing, they are supposed to check my cars alignment and balancing failing which if anything happens to my car, Me as a customer should be made to suffer.

I have been driving cars since I was 18 years old, and trust me that’s a long time and experience. I regularly check my cars air pressure etc. My cars goodyear had worn out because i’m so sure that company used a low quality Thread which could not take normal pressure and worn out. Since the cars comes with manufactures warranty and if there is any manufacturing defect the said company should replace and provide me new tyres for my car. In this case, Honda should deal and discuss this with Goodyear and replace my tyres with a set of new ones. (NOT GOODYEAR PLEASEEE)

Trust this isn’t my first car or 1st set of tyres, I’m well aware that average life of standard sized(Company recommended) tires is easily well above 45,000 kms.

Now, Harmony Honda has offered(After much follow ups and only verbally over the phone) to replace my tyres BUT I’m being asked to pay 50% of the cost. This is just unacceptable.

I suggest you handle and resolve this and get my cars tyres changed immediately without any more follow ups, else I’ll be forced to take this up legally against Harmony, Goodyear and Honda India.

This whole experience has been disgusting and irritating which has totally changed my positive and good perception regarding the company. This was also a mental harassment.

Request immediate revert.

Vinay Kondal
Manimazra Chandigarh
Contact No.: 9872530504
IP: / February 22, 2013 / 7:31 am

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