Complaint against Reliance for not giving STD plan recharge benefit

Reliance has a STD tariff of Rs. 37.00 for 30 days in which for first 200 minutes will be charged at 25 paisa/min then 40 paisa/min, this is auto-renewal pack which activates after 30 days. I activated this plan 2 months back and used first 200 mins for 25 paisa/min then for few days it was charging 40 paisa/min as 200 minutes were finished, on 28/Oct/2013 it got auto-renewal for which i should again get 200 minutes with 25paisa/min but when I called the first std call after auto-renewal it was charging 40 paisa/min.Then I called at customer care, and first he said to me that your 200 minutes are over and benefit is activated on your number but after checking “he agreed that their system is taking previous data in which previous minutes (in which 200 minutes were over) of previous tariff(before auto-renewal) are added” and logged a complaint. After 24 hours, in resolution they said that you are already using benefit of this pack as it was charging 40 paisa/min. but I dint used first 200 minutes of this pack in which charges are 25 paisa/min but according to them I have used it and 200 minutes are over now. I have used this plan a lot of times and each time after auto-renewal, I face same situation in which they say that your 200 minutes are over and after calling customer care they gave benefit to me in which first 200 minutes are charged at 25p/m but this time they crossed all the limits. I called at customer care around 15-20 times, a few of them agreed that previous minutes are added (not updated to used minutes as 0-zero) due to their technical problems. What their system is doing is adding previously used minutes to benefit and is not updating to Zero used minutes when pack is reactivated.

For example, I activated pack on 29/Sept/2013 and got 200 minutes a 25paisa/min which got over on nearly 20/Oct/2013 after that 40 paisa/min till 27/Oct/2013 (nearly 200+50 minutes were used). then on 28/Oct/2013 it was auto-renewal so deducted Rs 37 from main balance. now first 200 (0-200 minutes) should be charged at 40 paisa/ min but at the first call itself I was charged at 40paisa/min. till now I am calling them but they are saying the same thing that your number has been benefitted from this pack and your 200 minutes are over.

I have called them so many times on the same issue but this time they crossed all the limits as I have wasted my time in talking to them and explaining my problem. Each month i have to call them on same issue. Now i am not able to call at customer care as it automatically get cut. and this activated plan will be over on 26/Nov/2013 and i will not get the benefit as per tariff.

Nikhil Singh
EON IT PARK, Kharadi 411014, Pune, Maharashtra
Email: / 07/11/2013 / 1:06 am

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