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Complaint regarding damage to comforter by laundry

I have an outlet for in my housing complex. Since it was in my society, I thought it would be a good idea to use them for my dry cleaning. I did not know then that I was in for a long journey of frustration. On 20/03/2016, I gave them one Portico Eldora Double comforter for dry cleaning. It was returned to me on 23/03/2016 in very bad condition. The comforter which was off white on one side and yellow on the other, was returned to me with pink red color all over the white side. After this, they dry cleaned it 2 more times nut still the color was light pink. The thickness of the quilt was also lost due to multiple washes. My comforter is 3 years old and was purchased at Rs. 3999. Presently, the same comforter is priced at Rs. 5999. They are not returning my quilt or compensating for the complete amount. Instead, they have sent me a comforter which is of much lower quality without taking consent from me. I have been following up with them constantly but with no resolution so far.

Neha Agarwal
Bangalore 560037, Karnataka
Email: / 29/04/2016 / 9:23 am

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