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Complaint regarding exorbitant roaming bill charges from Vodafone

On 17th May, my husband and I got our phones on international roaming. We reached Thailand on the morning of 18th (4:10am) when our phones got primarily activated on International roaming. At the airport, I clicked 2 pictures and posted to FB. Back in the hotel, I posted 2 pictures to FB. Thereafter, the phone was not used. Around 12pm Thailand time, I switched off my data connection and commenced using the free Wifi as provided by the hotel. By 19th Morning, I was shocked by a SMS stating my usage till date is Rs.21930(approx).Pls pay to enjoy uninterrupted service. I immediately wrote back to them that on what basis have they sent this message when my phone was used for a couple of hours and approx 4 pictures uploaded with no buffer time? Since then, I immediately set my phone on airplane mode. Meanwhile, not receiving adequate reply from Vodafone officers who kept stating the charges are correct, I wrote to their Nodal officer, who replied to revert after bill generation so that they may check their records.

On 22nd May, they produced a bill, now of an amount 27004.63 – note, my phone had been on the airplane mode since 19th May when I raised my concern to them and from 19th to 22nd May, the bill amount still shooted up by a further 6000!! From that day onwards, till date – I am sending them requests to show me a data-wise utilisation with time, date, data used, charge against the same – although they are continously replying their ‘tailor-made’ response – the amount is correct. Please pay! I would also like to mention, I have not been able to open their bill pdf and even after writing to them that I am not able to view the bill, they did not respond. However, on 25th May, I received a response from ‘Sxxxxr Kxxxxxr’ – this time stating that the bill amount is Rs.21912/- based on 38.89 MB data usage on 18th May. So, they changed the amount thrice during my period of raising the issue. Yet, on my revert to show my time-date-data usage-break-up of charges, the team is non-responsive. Here, I would like to state further, my husband, who has been actually using his international number – both receiving and making calls too, has his bill amount to Rs.3000 odd. And myself, without using it have it around 27000/- which is about the same fare as a return ticket for 3 to Thailand! In no way I can afford this amount. Yes, if it was genuine – I would have definitely paid. But given the facts, is it not lavish to give away Rs.27000/- for 3 hours in Thailand, when we booked our return ticket at a cost of Rs.30000/-. I am sincerely looking forward to your assistance to resolve this matter asap.

Sanjukta Chatterjee
Kolkata 700033, West Bengal
Email: / 28/05/2016 / 10:36 pm

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