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Complaint regarding HTC Desire service

I had bought HTC Desire 826 Dual Sim on 19/6/2015. On 25th January, 2017, I found out that my phone was unable to charge, so contacted my nearest HTC service Station at Ansal Plaza, Delhi and submitted my phone to them. Later that evening, I was informed that the lower charging board is not working and they have in-stock supply of it and can take my phone back on 27th January, 2017 as 26th is a holiday. later, when they did not call me for whole 27th, I called the center back, then they told me that they do not have the board in stock. Finally, I got a call from them on 30th January, 2017, and thus took my phone as it was charging fine.

The next day my phone switched off on its own, even though the battery was 84 % charged. I ignored that first, but that again happened on alternate days. Then on 8th February, my phone again switched off at 50% battery and showed 1% battery when i switched it again on. After connecting the charger again, the phone was showing 98% charging and after I switched it on, the battery was 25 %. This happened three times in half an hour, when I again visited the Service center people said that its a battery issue and I will have to again deposit this phone for 24 hours again for whole check up. My complaints:

1. The problem of phone switching off again and again was not there initially on 25th January, when I first submitted the phone.
2. If I had a charging problem, then i assume the reason can be battery or the lower board, its the duty of the HTC service engineer to check both of them, if I had reported for the charging problem at one time.
3. The HTC service center people asks again the service charges, even though it was their duty on first basis to check both, why do I need to pay the 690 Rupees again.
4. When I asked the center people to write down this whole situation and their view on paper, they won’t budge. It took me half an hour to make them write “only” against checking the lower board.

I called the toll-free number after coming out of the center on 9th February, 2017 and also submitted a complaint via mail on the same day, still haven’t heard from them yet, my complaint ID is 17INCW06ENA000146.

Neha Beniwal
Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016
IP: / 03/03/2017 / 9:38 am

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