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Complaint regarding Lenovo phone servicing

I had bought Lenovo P1ma40 smartphone from Flipkart of 3rd of May, 2016(IMEI.:869441020574592). One month later, on 9th of May, 2016, the phone suddenly went off. I went to the service center at Ghatkopar on 10th of May, 2016. They told me that there is fungal growth on the motherboard and that is because water had entered the phone. They told me that water may have entered through sweat in my ear while talked on the phone. But everyone sweats in this heat. So is it not the company’s fault that it made the phone vulnerable to little sweat drops? They told me it is not covered in warranty and I will have to pay Rs.1250 for getting it serviced and it would take one week. I could not agree that it was my fault but still gave away the phone.

After a week, on 18th of May, I got a call from the service center that they have to change the motherboard and that would cost another Rs.1400 extra. They asked me to collect my phone the next day. I went accordingly on the following day(19th of May, 2016). The service center was overcrowded and I was made to STAND there for about 45 minute(I was having high fever. The AC was also not working well.) Then when I went up to inquire, they told me that it would take another 90 minutes or come back in the evening as there is some work remaining in the phone. I went back the next day again(20th of May). This time they tried to FOOL ME!!! The person handed me the phone saying it is repaired and was about to give me the bill. But when I tried to turn on the mobile, I saw that the side keys(power and volume keys) were pressed down inside the hole and were not working. Then they told me casually and carelessly to get it later… as if I have no other work to do. This really disappointed me.
Now I want the company to refund me the price of my mobile or at least give me a new mobile. Because I don’t think the mobile is in this state because of my fault.

Azeem Abdul Khalam
Mumbai 400072
Contact No. 9869624525 / 21/05/2016 / 11:19 am

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