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Complaint regarding MTNL broadband

My wifi has not been working since 21st april 2016. I made innumerable calls to the call centre and they told me that it will be fixed within 24hours. No one has responded yet. I called the area manager on 011-26885500, this man told me to call Mr. Kxxxj, whose lunch hour and meetings never seem to end. I called him many times for two-three days, 29/04/16 being my last attempt. I also called Ms. Lxxxxxa, Gm(BCP), with no success. Then i called Mr. Dxxxxxxr, Gm (central) who picked up the phone but without speaking just hung up after half a minute. This company is run by such laid back and useless people, who are just running a scam. Online they do not have a provision for the customer to write their grievances to them. I have had my net connection not working at least once or twice each month, and very conveniently disconnected on a friday, so their worker tells me that the following two days are not working so it cannot be fixed immediately. I put across the same complaint on, with no solution yet.

Bhavna Sharma
New delhi-110066
Email: / 20/05/2016 / 8:48 pm

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