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Complaint regarding non-delivery of piped gas by Mahanagar Gas company

Mahanagar gas is company doing the job of supplying the gas at your home in growing metropolies and small towns as well.
I have a bad experience from them. I paid duly the stipulated amount for piped gas connection alongwith other members of my society .I paid it through the cheque in March 2015.

At the time workers and the whole team came to fix pipelines in our society they forgot to fix the pipeline in our home. So I requested them to come back again to do the job. They had done with most of the pipeline work in our society but had forgotten five homes who had applied for connection. So they told they will come for this remaining work in next round in the same region. I kept doing phonecalls at customer care of Mahanagar gas to which standard reply was “we have forwarded the complaint to concerned department, your problem will be resolved soon.”
Isent emails, to which same reply was given.

I gave written application to which only acknowledgement was given. No time or deadline was fixed for the work.
Thiss month the team again arrived at the society .They gave connection to four flat owners, but conveniently (or probably deliberately??)forgot to brong material for fixing the pipeline at my home. WHo is the c ompetent authority to look into this matter ?

Kharghar Navi M 410210, Maharashtra
Email: / 26/05/2016 / 1:41 pm

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