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Complaint regarding overpriced Set Top Box

I am a resident of Gadwal, Telangana. MY concern is that cable operator in Gadwal (K Communications) as per agreed digitalisation of cable networks offering me to have a set top box @1700/- but haven’t receiving proper invoice from him and he making a counter argrument that none of the residents seeking any bill. Most of the set top boxes available online retail at lesser than 1000/- but in our case they are charging heavy!

Without proper accounting because of lack of supporting doccument it leads to accumulation of unaccounted money!
Hope my grievance will be resolved and i am planning to take connection on 09-03-2017 with a payment of Rs 1700 so help me to take a legal action!

T Praveen Kumar Reddy
Gadwal 509125, Telangana
Email: / 05/03/2017 / 11:31 am

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