Complaint regarding Park Holidays International for services

Complaint regarding Park Holidays International for unfulfilled services

We ( I a/w my wife) signed a deal with Park Holidays International on 18-01-2020 for membership in which, it was told as a company policy, to offer domestic and international holidays at 4 and 5 star properties for 6nights and 7days on a payment of 100USD  domestic and 200USD for international hotels.
2) We are a family of 2adults and 2kids. However as the elder child was 15 years that time the deal was made for 3 Adults and 1 kid(second child who was 8 years). I had gone with family and details were very clear before the dealing manager/executive. However the company sent a policy of 2A+2K by post and after a lot of correspondence they agreed for 3A+1K- but saying that Kid should be less than 5 years
3)  I made a payment of Rs 45000 for membership and agreed to avail holidays as per above agreed payment @100USD/200USD. I was also promised a free 2nights/3days free holidays at a resort. However to my utter surprise the agent after making a deal back down from his words and said no its not available now.
4) For the past 1.5 years I have been trying to book a holiday with them but unable to do so as they initially said Policy is for 2 Adults and 2 kids. After a lot of correspondence by emails they said we have upgraded your policy to 3 adults and 1 kid(Below 5 years)and we cannot do anything more than this. Now it is clear that as I do not have kid below 5 years- I cannot avail the policy with my family as my child is 9 years old. Now they are saying we will upgrade your plan if you pay us 50000/ more. I am already repenting as they have cheated me and further I am being Harassed on the pretext of holidays.
5) As I made my family details clear and went to their office a/w my family, however knowing everything- They Cheated me and Signed a deal on the False Promises and pretext. They knew that they are cheating me as the deal is not possible because of my family size but they took money and signed on false/Fake promise.  I am a government servant and my money is a hardly earned money.  So I request you to get my money Refunded.

New Delhi 110049

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