Complaint regarding Pavers England shoe

Complaint regarding Pavers England shoe

I had purchased a pair of Gents Laceup SGSMLU2202 BEIGE Size 42 on 10 Feb 13 PAVERS ENGLAND company store at Colaba, Mumbai, India against Bill No. 1010000005838 – on 10 FEB 13. I wore the shoes FIRST TIME on 16 FEB 13 and the shoes has badly stained my white socks. Blue stains on both toes. On close examination of the shoe, I noticed that the side walls of the toe region have a blue lining whereas the heel region has a beige one. This Blue lining had left colour and stained my socks too. It was unexpected to get such poor quality standards/products from an expensive and “supposedly” reputed company like PAVERS ENGLAND.

I immediately landed the poor quality product to the store of purchase where the store manager also checked and acknowledged that the colour of the shoe was running and that the product was low quality. The store manager also stained his finger on wetting and rubbing the inner lining.

On complaining about the product through e-mails dated 16 Feb 13, 20 Feb 13 (2 mails)and 22 Feb 13 I realized that the company was being evasive in their approach and delaying things on purpose. Their mail reply was also offensive and they have since failed to comply with their assured timelines even after repeated reminders.

Today the company has the defective shoes ( deposit receipt held with me ) , my full payment and have caused me losses by ruining my new expensive socks. I have reasons to believe that the company has intentions of duping/defrauding customers since they are evasive and arrogant in their approach and have failed to meet any time or quality commitments given by them.

The company also has NOT indicated any terms and conditions on their bill that permits them to indefinitely delay or deny customers their legitimate rights.

The company being a MNC should be de-registered from the ROC if they continue such unfair trade practice in this country.

Rahul Malhotra
Contact No.: 09757131663
IP: / February 26, 2013 / 2:11 pm

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    • Parul Shah on 08/02/2018 at 12:55 am

    All my shoes are getting teared, you are using cheap material. I want replacement of my shoes. I am to annoyed on this we purchased costly shoe & it gets teared than we should get good service. Do not use cheap material. Shoes are very costly. I value my money. I will take replacement of my shoes

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