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Complaint regarding poor service from SC Ford, Vasai

I wanted to show how much the service center and the customer service or i can say the complaints team from SC Ford care about their customer.

In the mid of Nov 2016 i gave my Ford Fiesta for servicing to a registered Ford Service dealership in vasai as i was facing an issue were my vehicle used to stop suddenly neither there was no reason why it was happening and there was some minor modification which i wanted to do on my vehicle. the now the technical advisor his name was Bxxxh and Pxxxxxn who informed me about the cost of all and coated that it will be approx Rs. 22,000 to 24,000 which eventually it was that amount got it done. took my car the first week after the servicing was done me and my family went to the beach to have some family time and while coming back the car stopped and mind it the car was dead. it would not start come what may there was petrol in the car and was freshly service. called up the dealership no answer. then i called a local mechanic and he got the car started and said to bring the car to his workshop to get it checked.

Next morning i called SC Ford and asked a person to come to my house and pick the car up so the driver came he started the car drove out of my society gate and the car stopped again and was refusing to start called up SC Ford dealership and the customer Complaint team located in chennai and spoke to both of them and eventually they agreed to not charge me for toeing which they never did. eventually they took the car to service center and the Supervisor called up stating that there was a problem the engine and we have to get some parts replaced i asked why did they not do it initially they said i refused to make any changes on it so apparently i took my car to the service center stating the issue was the car stopping and i refused to get only issue for which i gave my car for servicing and instead i asked them to put new shock absorbers which sound so rubbish. but the supervisor had no shame tell me this no hesitation that in this situation they might be wrong. i still did the work and paid again Rs. 22,000 to the dealership last month that not even after 2 months of the service i was coming back from nasik and while coming back the brake oil pipe busted and started leaking and it was almost a brake fail i asked the dealership how could you ll have not checked it they said with again with a shameless attitude that the pipe was fine it was just rusted so it busted and i did not asked them to check that. so they took the car on 1 feb and till 7th feb i have not got my car and i raised a complaint to the customer complaints team of Ford and they did nothing infact said that my brother has asked to get the brake pipes changed and nothing else they had the courage to send me an estimate of Rs. 18,500 for the repair which was hilarious that the entire team was so incompitent finally i write this and i am gonna also file a complaint against SC Ford and make sure i get justice.

Dennis Anthony
Nallasoapara 401203, Maharashtra
Email: / 08/02/2017 / 1:00 am

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