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Complaint regarding refund from Discover India package

I got a call from Discover India offering me a holiday package at Rs 8250. At the time they were explaining the details and terms & conditions of the package, they did not mention anything about ‘NOT HAVING A CANCELLATION POLICY’.
I made the payment on 23rd February around 11 am.
Later that day, I decided to cancel my order because of some personal reasons and the fact that I read a lot of negative reviews about this company.
So I sent them a mail within 24 hours asking for a cancellation and refund of my money over their email.
I called their helpline number this morning to convey the same.
They told me that they do not have any cancellation policy and on top of it they started accusing me of lying.
I got another call from a person from Discover India with the name Vxxxl. He again was telling the same thing that they don’t have a cancellation policy and that I need to take the package no matter what. Despite the fact that their callers and I was told something different before the payment was made.
They were adamant that they will not return my money and on top of it he was constantly talking in a manner that was disrespectful.
I just want my money back and for this package to be cancelled.

Rohit Singh
Kazhipattur, Chennai 603103, Tamil Nadu
Email: / 24/02/2017 / 2:47 pm

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    • Nirav on 18/06/2017 at 10:54 am

    have you got any solution??? Cause I am having same issue with SOTC

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