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Complaint regarding refund from Voonik

I purchased a Grey full sleve t-shirt from Mr voonik last month. The product was given to me in 9th March. I ordered the Large size of that product. So after getting the product I tried it on me and found that it was too large for me and the main thing is the quality is not at all good. The product costs 457/-(including delivery charges),but quality of the product is just way too worst. still,i wanted to exchange the product with the medium size of the same t-shirt. So, I mailed to voonik stating that I want to exchange the product with the medium size of the same product. They replied That they didn’t have the medium size available so if I wanted to return the product they will give me the money back. So, having no choice in my hand I had to return the product. An e-com delivery boy came to me and took the product with him after 2days from claiming and the guy handed me a customer copy. After the product was returned voonik send me a mail which contains a link of a site where I have to put all my bank details so that they can return the money and that is where the problem started. I opened the link and put all my details there as soon as I get the link. But the problem is after putting all my bank details in that link when I click on the submit option it’s not submitting the details and that’s where the problem starts. Whenever I tried it always failed to submit. I tried at least 30-40 times till now and when I complained about it through mail they always send the same link again. I’m even trying their customers care no. From last 4days to reach but it’s always answering busy. I’m afraid of two things now. First I don’t think that I’m gonna get my money back. The site just forgot me after returning the product and I have done all things what I can do. The second thing is I put all my bank details in that,if the website is a fake they can do anything from my bank details and I’m terribly afraid of that.

Debpratim Chakraborty
Malancha, Kharagpur 721304, West Bengal

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