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Complaint regarding Skoda Octavia service

I bought a Skoda Octavia in June2015. Since 2016, my car has been giving troubles. First the skoda service centre in Indore (M.P.) insisted on doing a 3M service of the AC.. and once the car got back, AC knobs were broken. Then after a wait of 20 days, it was repaired. Then in Nov 2016, the brakes of my car jammed. Which was reported instantly to Satguru Motors skoda’s official service centre of indore. Then the Ac which was repaired started making sounds and the drivers side automatic window, was not automatic anymore. Ever since Nov. my car has been in the service centre and every time they send the car back it is not repaired and even bumpers were scratched. The gear box also has problems and a constant sign reads “please leave the lever in position P in the workshop” the manager mentioned that there is a technical problem in the gear box from manufactures side and the gear box will be replaced. The AC vent has been opened and changed, gear box opened. My car resale value has depriciated a great deal and till now the problem has not been solved. Its been more than 4 months. I have been spending money on fuel every time it goes to the service centre. I have written multiple mails to skoda India and abroad and have even mentioned my issues on public forums. Still no response. The car is still under warranty and the service is HORRIBLE. I have finally filed a notice in the consumer forum! Its a highly disappointing service by such a huge car company.

Yuvraj Somani
Indore 452009, Madhya Pradesh
Email: / 24/03/2017 / 11:21 pm

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