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Complaint regarding Vodafone SIM card activation

On 16th MAY 2016 when I arrived in Cochin airport I bought a vodafone sim card from the airport itself. The vodafone agent told me that the sim card will be activated within that day or the next day. He told me to call to a number,59059; after I receive an SMS in my local contact number.
The ID which I submitted there was my passport, and he told me that I have to type the number 3222 or to follow their instructions after I call to 59059. I had been trying to activate my sim by calling to 59059, then they asked our submitted details which was my passport. As per the given documents the required number is the last four digits of my passport. But this number is not accepted by the customer care, and when we entered 3222, the call is being directed to the customer care, but our actual documents(name,house name,P.O,etc.) and the details submitted by the vodafone agent do not match.

Since 18th MAY i had tried many times through the customer care, and the reply is the same,”mismatching documents”. I had paid RS.300 for receiving the sim card, till now (21 MAY 2016 7:00 PM) it has not been activated. I had lost my time, I had lots of troubles because of no communication and contact. And then I had to buy another new SIM card for my communication. I think that lots of people are being cheated in this manner. I hope that you will take the necessary steps regarding this issue.

Note:When I asked for the bill, he said that the stamps and other thing required for billing was not available and said that this was the procedure there, and all are getting the sim in the same way.

Email: / 21/05/2016 / 7:37 pm

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