Complaint regarding wrong delivery by Shopperstop

SHOPPERSSTOP the biggest cheater, I ordered a watch under order ID: 02759184 clearly checking the specification and the displayed picture on SHOPPERSSTOP’s website that the dial color of the watch is white, SHOPPERSSTOP sent me a watch with grey dial color and when I raised a complaint against this, they gave me just one answer that they have sent me the correct product, when I asked them the question that dont you know the difference between grey and white, there customer care representative said the same statement i.e.’we have delivered you the correct watch’ no matter whatsoever question I ask them the person gave me the same answer again and again and he had no clarification for the specification and picture they have displayed on there website. Now to escape this they have de-listed the product from there website too. I want my money back pls help.

Bhupinder Singh
New Delhi 110005
Email: / 27/05/2016 / 9:02 pm

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