Compliant against MSEB

Compliant against MSEB

Sanjay Nursery is involved in the business of Nursery . We have 2 divisions one is Production and other is Point of Sale. As per MSEDCL Rules nursery comes under Agricultural category and hence agricultural Traiff is applied .

In 2011 they visited the nursery and the office (which is involved in nursery activities only )told us that the point of Sale cannot be classified as agricultural and hence fined us Rs.107072 and we had paid that fine in 3 installments . And they told us that the entire premises is Commercial and hence Commercial rates will be applied and hence forth you shall be charged commercial rates and you shall also get commercial bill . Now for this meter we had not received any bill and the amount payable was always showing negative which meant we had already paid the bill .

And this year they came and told us that you are cheating us and you are entitled to pay Rs.471070 to us. (They didnt give any bill since the time they had fined us and we have a lot of other meters in our premises and hence we had no idea if we were receiving this bill or not )

They had told us that we will make the meter commercial after the fine but they didnot and now they are telling us you have cheated and pay us Rs.471071 as fine .

Please help . It is MSEB mistake .

Sonal Chhajed
Pune Solapur Road, Opp Manali Resorts, Pune-412201, Maharashtra
IP: / February 18, 2013 / 8:30 am

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