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Deceived tour plan by Makemytrip

I had booked my holiday ( Customized) under advice from Holiday IQ with MakeMyTrip. My agony started at least 3 days prior travelling with the family. This package was of premium category and the names of the hotel proposed were of premium side. Once the payment recovered, the confirmation of the Hotels were totally a different to the one proposed. The listed Hotels simply disappeared from the frame. It was well identified prior departure and number of calls through the call centers and any number of mails were shot across to various names. Each one excused by giving names one different to another. The end result was:

My first point was Kolkatta, the Hotel they believed to have booked us was more like lodge than be called as Hotel. The irony was that THERE WAS NO BOOKING though we had a booking voucher given to us. We had to book in at a separate Hotel at our own expenses. Visited MAKEMYTRIP office at Kolkatta, poor girl(don’t know the name) was so expressive and tried to help us by escalating to one Mr. S…..v S……l believed to be Country Head. Agony, there was only assurance from a lady called R…….A and things remained as it was unchanged.

The next destination was GANGTOK: The Hotel they booked was more like a DORMITORY with three beds in one 10 x 10 room. The Hotel was located at Mall Road and booking description says there is Garden, landscape etc..etc… what a shame!!!! We had to book ourselves in a separate Hotel at our own expenses. No response from anyone and we were simply chasing all.

The Next stop was for LACHUNG: a valley people do not venture unless otherwise a confirmed booking, because of severity of extreme cold. After boarding the hired vehicle, en route came to know that there was no booking at all. We had to disband the tour from there on and went ahead on our own and manage to visit some place and also cut short the tour.

Though, the mail was sent to MAKEMYTRIP expressing all the adversities, so disgusting, no one called to help us. Some senior citizens were also part of this tour and we are at 2000 plus KM away relying on MAKEMYTRIP to honour their commitment.

The Hotel booking were in mess and not rectified prior departure, the transport was in mess, the planning was in mess. No accountability as you do not have any scope to talk to anyone in their system. Please understand, only MAKEMYTRIP can call you and if you try calling the same number, they do not accept.

My observation is that, in India, they may still last by following this practice as out there there 125 Crores and someone or other will be there to patronize without cross verifying the honesty of this Company. If they were to be Afghanistan, these people would have been beheaded.

My advice is that be sure and cross check each of your booking with the known entity at respective place else you will cheated. My case is a open and shut case, and probably take them to right place for legitimate loss recovery.

Contact No.: 9820230637
IP: / 30/05/2013 / 7:41 pm

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