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Expired food product sold at Spencer’s South City

I had purchased Bachelor’s pasta pot roast vegetable from Spencer’s South City on May 8. I noticed on May 13 that the item had expired in December 2012.

A complaint was immediately made the same day to their customer care. In fact the customer service executive called up to get the batch number and expiry details of the product. However, even after 4 days there was no response from Spencer’s and they did not even give me a complaint number. I had to call up a couple of times to ensure that the complaint was registered and finally got the compaint number given at the end of this message. In addition to this, I have also been billed twice for another food item i bought in the same invoice.

All this may be trivial matters for Spencer’s and such expired items are sold frequently but it is no trivial matter for me. If on consumption of the same I had fallen sick, then the matter would have been far serious.

After a week, spencers did contact me and said that such an issue could not be possible and that it was unfortunate it happened. They asked me to go to their store to get it exchanged which i flatly refused. They were then willing to send me a new product in exchange for the expired item.

It is not a matter of just Rs. 126 which I paid for theproduct but the lack of responsibility that these big retailers have towards selling such products. They have lost a good customer and are not even interested to bring back customers like me through an apology and special scheme or offer for all this trouble.

Absolute shameful conduct.

I had to continuously follow up with the organisation for my complaint number and even mailed to one of their representatives for action. Besides the organisation apparently is least bothered about a customer like me having their expired food product and falling sick. It is just by sheer chance that I looked at the expiry date. I have a few months old baby and if I had fallen sick on consumption of the mentioned item, my baby would have been deeply affected. Besides, owing to this issue i had to personally go through the expiry dates of all the items bought on that same invoice and i had done abig shopping from spencers that day.

All this unnecessary trouble and harrassment has exhausted me and atrained my nerves and an adequate compensation is required from the company.

Jagyaseni Bhattacharya Sen
ekdalia place. Calcutta 700019, West bengal
Email: jagyaseni_b@yahoo.com
IP: / 29/05/2013 / 5:19 pm

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