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Extra charges by Vodafone

I have upgraded for the Vodafone Red family plan since 5-6 months. The plan includes 3000 minutes calling and sms and 3GB 4g Internet. The plan also has free roaming incoming and outgoing calling all over India because of which I took the plan as I have to travel sometimes. Every month Vodafone charges extra for roaming /voice charges/ sometimes even sms and usage charges when I never cross the limit of the scheme. Every month i have to call the customer care so they refund the wrong amounts of the bill. Had spoken to one Mr Rxxd Pxxxxxy and he promised it would not happen again after taking a customer complaint no 266352100, yet today again I had to file another request for refund and complaint no 174879223. Vodafone is not taking the customer seriously and making them wrongfully pay a misleading bill amount. If it were any other person they would miss the wrong additional costs and pay the bill.I don’t know how many must be falling prey to such a situation. Hopefully a consumer complaint would help resolve these issues.

Chrislyn Lewis
Andheri East, Mumbai 400059, Maharashtra
Email: cxxxxxxxxxx2@yahoo.com / 03/03/2017 / 10:49 am

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