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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is this Forum for?

This Forum is for interaction by consumers on their experiences with regard to various consumer products and services.

2. Can I post Complaints in the Forum?

Yes. One can post complaints in this Forum by using the link ‘POST COMPLAINTS’.

3. Can I post reviews on consumer products?

Yes. Visitors/guests are welcome to post reviews on consumer products and services, provided they are not plagiarized and do not violate the Copy Right Act and are not defamatory in nature.

4. Is registration with the Forum must for posting complaints?

The process of POSTING COMPLAINTS involves registration with the Forum, hence one need not go through the registration process separately.

5. Are there any charges for posting complaints or registration?

There are no charges for posting complaints or registration.

6.  Are there any charges for processing the complaints?

If the complainant requires our involvement in pursuing the complaint then there will be charges. Our charges are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise.

7. How does the Forum act on the complaints posted?

Depending on the merits of the complaint, the Forum will attempt to present the claim to the opposite party by email and try to elicit a response/action from the opposite party. Forum will also revert back to the Complainant with the response received, if any, from the opposite party subject to the Complainant providing valid email id. If the issue is not resolved and the complainant wishes to take legal steps then the Forum may guide him/her on further steps. Fraud and cheating cases will not come under the purview of Consumer Protection Act.

8. Will the Forum provide legal assistance or handle the claim on behalf of the Complainant?

The Forum will neither provide any legal assistance nor handle the claim on behalf of the Complainant.

9.  Will the Forum guide me in pursuing a complaint in the consumer court?

Depending on the merits of the case, we can guide a consumer in pursuing a complaint on charge basis. Please contact us for more details.

Please read our complete Terms of Use before availing our services.

If you have queries other than the above, please write to admin2icf@gmail.com or icfsupport@outlook.com .

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