Fiat Linea Car service complaint

Fiat Linea Car service complaint

Complaint against – Fiat India & Balaji Motors Kalyan Fiat Linea Car N0. MH 05 AS 4369. This is registered in my wife’s name – Sasmita Mohanty Sequence of events

• Vehicle reported to Balaji Service Kalyan on 5th Oct, as I observed some noise coming from the engine.

• Vehicle was returned to me on 21st Oct evening saying the problem has been resolved.

• Charged me Rs, 40,400/- vide bill no. 18258.

• I was told that the engine has been repaired, but when I saw the bill, I found out that Timing chain, driven gear, driving gear, chain stretcher, pad, flange, oil pump, rocker,, tappet, oil filter, engine oil were replaced plus the service and labour charge.

• The vehicle broke down after a day on 23rd Oct and had to be towed back to my place.

• The next morning we tried to start the vehicle by manual pushing, but the car skidded back due to slope and hit a electric pole damaging the dickie.

• Since 24th was a holiday, the vehicle was towed to Balaji car Kalyan again on 25th Oct.

• I told them the problem of noise has nt been resolved which needs to be fixed. Also I asked them to claim insurance for getting the dickie repaired.

• I was told that it would take 5 -6 days for repairing the dickie and coloring and after that within a week, they would address the noise issue.

• I had asked them to give me in writing what work was done in first instance, their diagnosis and what would be the charge now?

• Verbally, I was informed the cost to be around Rs. 85,000/- more without the dickie portion of repair.

• There were couple of calls again from the service manager- S…..t asking to deposit Rs.40,000/-.

• When I stayed adamant to give me a written quotation, they did so on 5th Dec, 2012 (mail below) via email from S……y M……k.

• In the email they specified that the vehicle had come only for accident related work and claim that once the work was done, they diagnosed that there is noise from the engine which is ridiculous.

• Engine o/h has be done which will cost Rs. 85,000/- and to pay the advance.

• They mention that vehicle was reported on 20th Nov, 2012 whereas the vehicle has been sent to them on 25th Oct, 2012.

• I lodged a complaint to Fiat through their website on 1st Dec, 2012 – No response from Fiat.

• I followed it up with a telephonic complaint on 7th Dec, 2012 and spoke to Priya and repeated all of the above. Ref Id is 1-17651504621.

• I got a call from tata Motors confirming that the vehicle is the service station and that Balaji cars is waiting for advance and approval from my side to start her work. I declined to give any approval until they provide a clarification.

• I got a call again after couple of days from Tata Motors who informed that Balalji told them that I have given my approval which I declined

• No response for 12 days from Fiat, though I was told some one senior would call up within 72 hours.

• 19th Dec again I call up customer support and spoke to P…..a. Surprisingly – there is no record of my complaint either thorough web or telephonic.

• 19th I wrote an email to Senior Management of FIAT. On 24th I get a response from M……..h K……….r(Customer Services, Fiat Group Automobiles India Pvt.Ltd, Ranjangaon, Pune 412210, +91 2138 672764 )from Fiat Pune office with an assurance to look into it.

• I was also told would get a response from Regional Fiat Coordinator Mr. A……k A…….d but have not received a call till now.

• I wrote back to Fiat again on 8th jan and received the same response email response from M……..h.

• I checked with M……h again on 31st Jan with the same email response.

• My final email to M……h and team was on 18th Feb and yet to receive a response.

Its been nearly 4months since the Car is in Balaji’s workshop and they have been asking to pay the advance and start the repair work. The engine in question is the most successful one with other manufacturers using the same (Tata Manza, Desire etc). With the total expense of Rs.1,30,000/-, I could get a new engine. Why should I use a repaired one which would keep on failing?

Balaji Motors have taken me a ride by doing a shoddy work in the first place and Fait is party to this by not able to take any action.

Atanu Pattanayak
Dombivali East, Dist Thane – 421203, Maharashtra
IP: / February 20, 2013 / 5:22 am

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