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Foreclosure of car loan account

I have taken a car loan in dec 2015 from Tata capital. At that time the executive told me that there will be a difference if you will foreclosure the loan before the agreement but now when i want to foreclosure the loan your manager is saying do whatever you want i can do some waiver but i will not do it for you you will have to pay the full remaining balance,he was not even talking to me he cut my call as well without discuss.

Being a consumer i was asking for foreclosure amount he refused to give any waiver which i actually liable to take,
why would i pay the whole interest as i am closing the loan before 1 year. Any which way i am gonna foreclose this loan today with full payment as well as i will file a “LAW SUIT” against “Tata Capital”, that was too bad service and your executive is denying to give my rights. I have all the recordings of conversation happened.

kushank dubey
Pune 41104, Maharashtra
Email: / 30/03/2017 / 7:52 am

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