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Harassment after surrender of Tikona services

I have paid advanced bill upto 25-Dec-16 and requested for surrender of my connection on 02-Dec-16, initially after many phonecalls, Tikona acknowledged in a return mail on 5-Dec-16.

But to my surprise, instead of refunding the excess advanced payment made by me, the billed me Rs.223 without any proper justification. As, I am confident about no dues, I didn’t paid and this month they have sent me a bill of ?323!! In addition to that, I am receiving so many calls from Tikona harassing me for payment and warning of consequences. Why should I pay if I am eligible for a refund (same was also confirmed once by a Tikona executive during initial days of surrender of my connection).

Please guide with whom should I take up the matter as it is a matter of integrity and I could see many similar cases of Tikona in this forum

Anik Debnath
Ambegaon Pathar, Pune 411046, Maharashtra
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxu@gmail.com / 01/03/2017 / 10:14 pm


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  1. Dear Subscriber,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    We have noted your post. In order to assist you further, we would require your registered contact number or Tikona Service ID.

    Request you to provide the required details at the earliest to look into your concern and provide prompt resolution.

    Tikona Care.

  2. Dear Subscriber,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    This is a gentle reminder to follow-up on your concern listed Mar 1, 2017. Kindly share your details for further assistance.

    Tikona Care.

    • Anik Debnath on 05/03/2017 at 6:27 pm

    Requisite details are as mentioned below:
    User ID: 1110859090
    Registered mobile: 8xxxxxxx7

    Hope for an amicable solution at the earliest..

  3. Dear Mr. Devnath,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    We would like to inform you that we have addressed your service disconnection request and on the basis of your request we have stopped charging you rentals for the service.

    If you wish you may still use the service anytime in future, you will be charged 2 paisa / MB (Excluding Tax) with speed of up to 4MBPS.

    For any further assistance please call customercare number 1860 3000 3434.

    Tikona Care.

    • Anik Debnath on 07/03/2017 at 9:36 am

    Then why I’m getting bills everymonth even if I’ve paid in advance upto 5-Dec-16 and services were disconnected from 5-Dec-16!! Please clarify…

    • Anik Debnath on 07/03/2017 at 9:38 am

    I’ve paid in advance upto 25-Dec-16, please consider it as 25 Dec16 in above comment, it’s an typo error

    • Anik Debnath on 07/03/2017 at 10:17 am

    As I am no longer living there, and have disconnected router and all wires, there is no point in resuming using services, so disconnect it completely.

    Moreover, I have requested disconnection in 5-Dec-16 and have paid advanced bill upto 25-Dec-16, then why i am getting bills every month? Please clarify..

    I am having the payment receipt as well as disconnection acknowledgement email. Please ensure no more bills.

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