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Harrassment and unreasonable charges by Zoomcar

(1) We rented the car from the 3rd to the 5th of March 2017 for 10.5k prepaid. From Bangalore to Coorg. Have a screenshot of the booking done from Zoomcar app.

(2) 4 of us – my wife, her 2 women friends and I were the travellers

(3) But unfortunately the day we were to leave, one of the women fell quite sick. Specifically, acute migraine related stomach complications which results in severe vomiting was experienced and hence we had no choice but to extend the trip by one day to allow sufficient resting & health recovery.

(4) Since we were in the middle of a dense coffee plantations Coorg is known for, we really struggled to even have telephony network. We managed to speak to Zoomcar’s customer care (name: Rxxxa) on the need to extend. However, not understanding the situation, Zoomcar insisted that we return the car irrespective. Left with no choice, we decided to incur the ridiculous delay charges – a extension by a day would cost us close to 25k.

(5) But when we were to leave the next morning, the car was immobilised remotely by Zoomcar. We had to leave early since one of our sick traveller were to be examined by the doctor in Virajpet on the way to Bangalore. Travel sickness always amplifies health issues for the traveller. Panicked and unaware of the brutality of the company’s action, we spent time wondering if the car has some issues and hence tried all methods to get the car started such as jump starting/ mechanic help etc.

(6) We then called Zoomcar customer care at around 12 pm. Without understanding the situation of poor network and lack of appreciation that I am a repeat customer, Zoomcar insisted that we clear the 25k for the extra day before the car can be mobilized.

(7) Lack of network dint seem to bother them, we were cornered with no option by find someone who had network to make the payment of 25k. The amazing part was, despite making the payment Zoomcar could not get the car started until 4:30 PM! and this due to a poor network that prevented the mobilizing unit in the car to communicate with Zoomcar. Yes, even Zoomcar faced network issues.

(8) Imagine being stuck with no room and in the middle of a dense coffee plantations with 3 women. No only was the situation equivalent to physical & mental harrassment but of women’s safety & security too. To add to the complication, since we had checked out of our rooms, the lack of access to food complicated the health concern.

(9) Finally when we reached Bangalore at 12 pm, Zoomcar shows a bill of 62,560 which is at least 20 times the nominal per day rental charges. Have the app screenshot that confirms the amount.

(10) And to conclude a horrid journey the car was decorated with vomit and the traveller is still struggling with recovering with health issues.

Charges: We request assistance in ensuring that Zoomcar issues public apology and compensates us adequately for (1) physical harassment (2) mental harassment (3) defamation (4) women’s safety & security and (5) unreasonable pricing

Karthik Ramakrishnan
Koramangala, Bangalore 560034, Karnataka
Email: txxxxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com / 09/03/2017 / 12:34 pm

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