Indifferent Service – Honda Car India

Bogus Warranty, Bogus Service.

Firstly my Car has ran 20,000 Km and was making a noise when i was braking so i had sent it in for service to M/s Peral Honda.

Secondly i got a call from the dealer stating that the parts such as break pad and disc(repaired) will cost you as it is not a part of my extended warranty and will cost me 6000 extra than already a service cost of 15000 + taxes. MY only issue to that was the car is only 15 months old and i run it with an average of more than 11Kmpl which is very good for a honda city. So that means i drive slow and do not apply breaks so how come the break pads gave away within 15 months previous to this i had maruti and a tata car and mind you i had to only replace the break pad after 3 -4 years of usage which tends to happen in city conditions.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is due to sub standard parts usage.

Thirdly Honda has a very BAD customer relations team they dont know how to deal with customers they only know how to give final stance and the way the snub you is amazing when i asked for some one higher in the management to talk to they completly ignore, i will attach the replies from the CR team which is absolutely appaling and i dont blame them it talks to Honda dismal performance over the past few years.

It is time that Honda pays attention to word of mouth advertising , people in india have moved on from buying products seeing bogus advertisement they rely more on word of mouth/ critics and other tursted sources such as friends and family to make up their descion.

THANKS FOR NOTHING TEAM HONDA. As and when i have time at my disposal i will be dragging them to the consumer court as well. I guess we all need to toe the line ” JAGO GARAHAK JAGO”.

Ambarindera Chaudhry
Orchids Petals Sector 49 Gurgaon, Haryana
IP: / January 31, 2013 / 8:57 pm

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