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Jago Grahak Jago!

India enacted Consumer Protection Act in 1986 with a view to providing for better protection of the interests of the consumers. This is a special Act and the provisions of this Act are not in derogation of any other law. This means the protection available under this Act is in addition to the remedy available under any other governing laws unless the other Act is a special Act enacted after 1986. Government has now passed Consumer Protection Act, 2019 which will repeal the old Act 1986.

India Consumer Forum, a non-government setup, was launched in 2009 with a view to assisting consumers in resolving their grievances and also to create awareness among the consumers on consumer products and services. The Forum’s aim is to assist consumers in addressing their genuine grievances. This site also serves as an online platform for consumers to share their experiences on products and services.

One can use this site to post articles relating to consumer products, consumer services, grievances and other consumer related useful information. The site also provides for posting complaints which we will forward to the opposite party concerned and try to elicit a response from them. We however do not undertake handling of claims ourselves and we do not provide legal opinion/legal assistance in any manner.

Members and visitors are encouraged to indulge in interaction with other members with regard to the complaints posted in our site. This is possible by leaving comments on the relevant topics or by writing to us at admin@indiaconsumerforum.org or admin2icf@gmail.com.

We invite advice and opinions from legal and para legal experts on the issues presented in this Forum site and we will be happy to publish the same after necessary scrutiny.

We highly respect the integrity of manufacturers and service providers and hence do not encourage mudslinging, defamation and abuse. Any such contents reported to us will be removed summarily.


Complaints/articles have been categorized vide products and services for easy navigation. Directly clicking on the relevant menus will take the user to topics relating to the respective product/service.

Posting Complaints:

A separate link has been provided for posting complaints. On clicking the menu, users will be presented with a form to fill-in and on submission of the same, we will review the complaint and if found in order, act on it. Please click here to submit complaints

Consumer Guide

This is a useful section where visitors can find tips and advices on various consumer related issues.


We have presented here some selected Consumer Court Orders for the guidance of the consumers who wish to pursue a claim. Reading these judgements will provide one with the insight on the grounds of arguments while pursuing a claim. We will try to compile and add more such judgement orders in the time to come.

Solved Complaints:

The Forum has been able to solve numerous complaints thereby saving the consumers from incurring significant legal expenses, thereby saving precious time. We have also guided consumers in filing cases in the Consumer Courts with positive outcome. Some of the solved complaints can be seen here.


If you have more queries please write to admin2icf@gmail.com.

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Please click here to submit complaints.

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