Levy of false interest by Panchsheel Greens

I have a booked flat No. 104, T-F3 in Panchsheel Greens project in Noida Extension on 19/11/2010 in. I had paid all the installments demanded by the builder i.e. 40% amount till stoppage of work by court order. Till 01/02/2013 the builder had not given me any further demand letter neither any payment was due at me.

On dated 08/12/2012, the builder informed me that T-F3 was affected by Supreme Court order and shifted my flat to 1302, T-B3.

On 02/02/2013, the builder gave me a demand letter of 50% amount showing interest of Rs.37424/-. I went to the builder office on 02/02/13 and met their Senior Manager (Finance) and requested to waive off this false interest amount. But no one listened to me. However, I paid the due amount along with interest amount (falsely charged) promptly the same day with a fear that the builder will further charge interest on interest amount, but with protest.

The interest of Rs.37424/- charged by the builder is false on the following grounds.

1. No interest amount was shown in earlier demand letters of the builder whereas now the builder is charging interest from the date of booking i.e. 19/11/2010.

2. If any interest was due, the same was not informed or demanded by the builder for over 02 years and now the builder is charging interest on interest amount @ 18%. Had any interest amount due on me, I would have paid it 02 years back.

3. Noida Authority had given benefit of “ZERO PERIOD” to all the builders of Noida Extension with an instruction to pass it on to customers. If any interest is due on me, why the benefit of zero period has not been given to me.

I, therefore request that the falsely charged interest amount of Rs.37424/- may be reimbursed to me.

Email: dp0977@gmail.com
IP: / February 3, 2013 / 4:47 pm

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    • ICF on 04/02/2013 at 11:44 am

    You should first raise the issue in writing with the builders/developers. Ask them to show how and why this interest has been charged. Please also verify at your end whether you were, at any point, behind the payment schedule.

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