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LICHFL Loan problem

This refers to my Home Loan file No. 3115000554, from LICHFL Ludhiana Branch. I had applied for a home loan in the first week of March 2012 through one of there authorized agents Mr. AS.

On the basis of my financial credential and fulfillment of all documentation requirements, I could get the sanction letter from them in the week of 17th March. Though I had to pay Rs. 20000/- extra in the name of documentation and verification charges (for which I never got the receipt), apart from there file logging charges of Rs. 1103 (Ch No. 854624 dt. 19/03/12), but I was happy that I got the sanction letter well within the time.

The seller had a loan on the property which he had cleared and gave us No Dues Certificate from his Bank. We had shown that certificate to the agent and he confirmed that it’s good enough for LICHFL to process the payout 3-4 days before the registration date, we got a message through agent that in the property’s “Fard”(a document showing the details of ownership about the piece of land in the books of Patwari), there is still a loan showing on the property, under the name of seller, so our loan can not be processed. We were shown a process to follow, in which we were supposed to get that “Fard” cleared from Registrar office. It was a 10-15 days process and the seller was not ready to wait further for registration.

We were suggested by there office to go ahead for property registration by arranging funds temporarily, from friends and relatives, with an assurance that the loan shall be easier to process with the new property registration, as then there would not be any change in the “Fard” required. We agreed to there suggestion and went ahead for property registration by arranging the funds from friends and family with a committed return date of one month.

After registration, we submitted the new registration document to there office as per the requirement. We had also paid Rs.13483 (Ch. No.85463 dt. 31/5/12) toward the processing fee. We were eagerly waiting for the funds, and then there came a verbal communication that there needs to be a change in the wording in registration document, otherwise the payment can not be processed. Existing wording is “Rs. 16.5L has already been paid to seller and now there is no due left (translated from Punjabi)” and the wording that LICHFL wants is “Rs. 16.5L has already been paid to seller through Cheque/Cash, and now there is no due left”. As an educated man, I fail to understand how the change in above wording is going to affect LICHFL. As a wise professional you would also appreciate that the registration itself is a proof that the payment have been made in full. Still if LICHFL wants the details of payment made, it can be given on a plain paper or at the most on stamp paper. What is the need of change in the wording of registration document? Also if there was such a formality left, does LICHFL has a right to take processing fee of Rs.13483/- ?

Even if I apply for above change in wording now, it will again cost me with time and money. Also I am not sure whether it will be the end of the harassment or something else will come out on later stage.

I personally feel that all hurdles are being made intentionally to get more money out of me which I am not going to give now.

The money which I had temporarily borrowed from friends and relatives is also needed to be returned and I am already late on my commitment. It’s causing a big jolt to my social respect. The cost of which is not measureable and I find LICHFL as the sole culprit for the same

May I request your help the above matter to get my loan file cleared at the earliest to end my harassment.

I would appreciate your early response.

Thanks and Warm Regards

Jimmy Sachdeva
Jawaddi- Ludhiana, Punjab
Contact No.: 9814814843
IP: / June 18, 2012 / 5:08 pm

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