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Lost money for wrong Information given by Vodafone executives

On 13 May 2013 after 6 pm I have received a message from ‘VS-611117’ and the message is “May Bumper OFFER, Now get 1 GB free data only at Rs.48. recharge before 31-may-2013 and grab it. Validity 30 days. It is an one time offer”

After getting this msg. I called to 198 for conformation (From 8486861456) & the Vodafone Executive name is R….l A……d informed me that if I’ll recharge within 24 hr. after getting the msg. I can grab the offer. Even I told him in the msg. it is clearly written ‘It is an onetime offer’ and the previous month (April) already I have grab the offer, will I again get the offer. He informed me clearly “If you received the msg. today & the msg. is in your Inbox & if you recharge within 24 hr. you will definitely get the offer, there is nothing to hesitate”

(I have voice record of my conversation with R….l A…….d) Again on 14 May 2013, 12:59 am I have received the same msg from ‘VS-611117’ that I received on 13th May 2013 after 6pm.

On 14 May, 2013 at 11:23 am, recharge of Rs.48 was done and the TransID AS 13126194212 Before recharge I have again call to 198 for re-conformation around 11 am (From 8486861456) and the Vodafone executive R…..t (Name is not sure, but she was a ladies) and that ladies also told the same as R….l A………d, even she checked nicely and told me to recharge & she also told I’ll definitely get the offer.

[I have voice record of my conversation with R……t(Name is not sure)] After talking with two executive I have recharge but till now I did not get the offer On 14th & 15th May 2013, I have talked with several executives & two Supervisors regarding this matter, but till now no feedback from them. Rather decreasing my problem they increased my problem, I cannot make call to 198 from 8486861456 from 15th of May then I called from another Vodafone no.8724877030 & this number also they blocked to call 198 On 14 may 2013, around 1:20pm, after recharge I called 198 because of not getting the facility of my offer Rs.48 even after 2hr.

K……n J…..i D…s (Voda Executive) told me I will not get the offer because it is a onetime offer and the previous month I have already grabbed the offer. Then what did R….l A….d, saw in his computer before my recharge and why did he gave me wrong info.

On 14th May around 3:17 pm, I again rang to 198 S…..n S….a (Voda. Executive) told me I can take a complain but it will be better talk with the Supervisor, right now they are not available call around 4:30 pm today Again on the same day around 4:25 pm rang to 198 N…a Kr. G….i (Voda Executive) he again told I will get but Rs.48 is a segmented offer so I will get the facility within 24 hr.

After waiting 24 hr. On 15th May till 11:30 am when I did not get the facility again I call 198 from 8724877030 because my voda no. 8486861456 was blocked Tr……a B……..y (Voda Executive) transferred the line to A…..p J…..i Das(Supervisor), he took the complain On 18th May when I did not get any feedback I again call to 198 Deep Chetry otherwise J….t C……y (Supervisor)(Puzzled in name) again took a complain and promised me to solve within 48 hr. But nothing has been done till today.

I request to give my offer with compensation because for their irresponsible or mistake I am not ready to suffer. Whatever the problem might be but I want…. Because some Executive said I’ll get & some said I’ll not get after my successful recharge.

Ranendra Das
Dhekiajuli, Assam
Email: ranen1909@gmail.com
Contact No.: 8486861456
IP: / 24/05/2013 / 11:04 pm

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  1. Hello Ranendra Das,

    Thank you for speaking with us. Hope we were able to assist. Your SR number is 124398983.

    Vodafone Customer Care, Assam

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