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Missed international flight due to Uber driver

Standard of Uber is degrading day by day. I missed an International flight on 20 feb because of one of your cunning drivers. I scheduled a ride a day before and when driver called I told him I have to go to Terminal 3 delhi, to which he agreed but came 15 minutes late. Then I told him to come to my building as I had 30 kg luggage. He refused to enter into the society although he was allowed and he said he cant accommodate the luggage even though he had Honda Amaze. After much argument he agreed to take the luggage but I had to carry 2 bags to gate of my society as I had no other choice. When I was about to sit in his cab,he said he had received a message and he wont take me to terminal 3. I was so furious at him. I asked him what should I do now to which he responded madam take an auto and he drove off. It was 8 in the night. I tried to find another vehicle but I got late and missed my flight. On the top of it, I received a message from uber that I did not board the cab and I was charged 60Rs as cancellation fee!!. What the hell is happenning here?

I request you right away take an action against this driver. I want his driver license cancelled. Such people should not be allowed to run commercial vehicles. Below are the details of the ride and driver.

Trip : Palam to Terminal 3
Schedule timing : 20/02/2017 7:30-7:45pm
Arrival : 7:58pm
Driver name : Pxxxxxxj
Car Model : Honda Amaze
Driver Phone : +91 8527534210

I have more proofs of my call records and various screenshots. If anything is required to take a strict action against him, do contact me I will share them. Teach this driver a lesson, he has no regard for anybody’s time or money. He should not be allowed to drive a commercial vehicle ever again in his life.

Sneha Singh
Manglapuri, New Delhi 110045
Email: sxxxxxxxxh@dtu.co.in / 20/02/2017 / 10:50 pm

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