No refund from makemytrip for cancelled flight of kingfisher airlines

No refund from makemytrip for cancelled flight of Kingfisher airlines

This is to inform you that myself have booked E-ticket, Booking ID 2524118452878 (E ticket No. 0902450338485, 0902450338486 & 0902450338487) from makemytrip website on 24th June 2012 on Kingfisher Class IT-352 to travel from Deli to Srinagar.

Now, Kingfisher had cancelled the above mentioned Flight from their end due to non-operation on December 2012.

So, myself have requested for claim for refund of my money (Refund Amount Rs.10881) from Makemytrip. But unfortunately till date myself have not received any amount back from Makemytrip.

Instead on 31st Jan 2013 myself have received a SMS “Kingfisher Airlines is unable to confirm the refund status. Refund of your booking is on hold till further notice.”

Consequently, I made phone call to the customer care of, their response was illogical and unreasonable, ie., there is neither time fix nor tentative time given to me for refund of the ticket money. Rather, they are saying, as soon as kingfisher flight have resumed, ticket money will be refunded and if kingfisher flight is not resumed, there is no way of refunding money.

Lastly my complaints are : why should I wait for other days which are unlimited for refund of money?and why should I consider whether kingfisher airline resume operation or not, for refund of the money? I booked my flight ticket through and I paid money to them so refund the booking money in an exigency because their term and condition of cancellation booking ticket is as follows; “The refund will be initiated within 3 working days for online cancellations and 5 working days for cancellations done on the phone. It may take an additional 7-14 working days to reflect in your account”. Based on above all, I am just complaining this issue to INDIA CONSUMER FORUM to settle very soon. E-ticket has been attached.

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