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Non-delivery, no refund from Achalare Realtors

Worst experience ever had in life. invested in Achalare Realtors Honey Dew the project hasnt moved a stone, and now after a lot of effort to get the cancellation done, these shameless set of unethical people are delaying the reimbursement of the agreement value which was deposited with achalare realtors (also be carefull they take payments on different different firms so they can play with the money and taxes in case of law suite against them). above that, their staff is sooo uncourteous and their terms and conditions which are totally biased towards Achalare who have thugged soo many people and are living on their money.

what was disheartening that, inspite of me being a government employee and having gone through a lot of hardships to collect the money which I have deposited with them as a booking amount during agreement, they dont feel even obliged to return me the same amount. its been over 6 months and have been mentally harassed by these shameless set of people.

Rahul C
Pirangut, Pune 412115, Maharashtra
Email: / 01/03/2017 / 3:03 am

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  1. Dear Rahul C,
    We tried to locate in our customer database; however we could not find any of our customer in any project by this name. We urge you to please mention which project and flat no you have booked with us, so that we can understand what issues you have faced with us and try to resolve the same at the earliest.
    Request you to kindly share your contact details(Email and contact no) with us so that we can get in touch with you and resolve this at the earliest.

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