Non-refund of cancellation of flat by Morpheus Prodevelopers

Non-refund of cancellation of flat by Morpheus Prodevelopers

I, Vivek Prakash Singh, had booked one flat in the newly launched project “Morpheus Violet” of M/s Morpheus Prodevelopers Pvt. Ltd, located at sector 86, Noida on 10.01.2012. For this, I had deposited a provisional booking amount of Rs. 01 Lac (One Lac only) through cheque No. 231932 dated 10.01.2012, drawn SBI, Panipat Refinery (Baholi) through M/s V square Realty mart, sector- 63, Noida, and kept waiting for next demand, when the project would start moving.

After waiting a lot for the builder to start the construction jobs at site, when I felt that they were not able to start the job and this way I was losing other viable opportunities to book flat in some other good projects, I requested on Sep’12 to the builder to cancel my provisional booking and refund my provisional booking amount of Rs. 01 Lac (One Lac only). Fact is that, my anticipation proved to be true, and builder has come out of that project, on the name of which he gathered a huge kitty.

After that I continuously followed up the builder to refund my booking amount on various mobile numbers and M/s Kaveri responsible for handing over of Cheques to M/s Morpheous Prodevelopers Pvt. Ltd, very ill mannered and un-professional and custmore-unfriendly, should immediately be banned from any service sector jobs). In this issue it is very painful and mentally harassing that, on making about 20 calls in continuation, they would receive my call by luck, that too not every time. Most of the times, my numerous calls go unattended. Also, numerous commitments were received regarding the issuance of post dated cheques since last 4 months but still each commitment went in-vain. Regular follow ups with aforesaid persons have not only waisted the energy and time of the undersigned but also caused a lot of mental harassment. The intension of builder is clear now; they don’t want to refund my booking amount.

I want to file a case against the builder on following charges:

1. Cheating- They collected huge amount through buyers/ investors in the name of the said project, and invested this huge kitty somewhere else, as they don’t have a single penny to refund to such suffering buyers. My claim against this charge is Rs. 01 Lac.

2. Mental harassment: I underwent a huge mental harassment since the date of booking. No one was there to provide any update on the project, and I was in touch with only Mr. V…..t of M/s Vsquare. He too was not providing the true picture, as it never happened what he ensured till I cancelled my booking. After cancellation, 95% of my calls to the builder’s representatives had gone unattended. I went through many sleepless nights, in fear that, what will happen to my hard earned 01 Lac rupees. My claim against this charge is Rs. 02 Lac.

3.Loss of opportunities- I lost many good opportunities of booking one flat in my budget in some good and promising projects, as I was not at all in a position to book two flats. Had I booked my flat in any good and promising project, it would have created a very handsome appreciation to my property. I lost many good opportunities of investment, as the said builder never clarified that, they are unable to move ahead. Whenever I’ll be calling Mr. V…..t, he would just tell that, in the next week their map is likely to be approved. In fact the builder had utilized the whole accumulated amount in the name of this project to somewhere else; on the other hand, they were not at all able to clear hurdles of this project. So they did not prefer to cancel our booking from their end and kept us bounded. They never thought of our stakes. My claim against this charge is Rs. 02 Lac.

4.Interest- My claim against this charge is interest on the amount of Rs. 01 lac at the prevailing rate of 12.5% in most of the realty investments.

Now this matter has crossed the threshold limit of my patience.

kindly help me to get rid out of this mental trauma and help in retrieving back my hard earned money Rs 1 Lac.

waiting for ur early response and early reply….

Vivek Prakash Singh
refinery township panipat refinery panipat, haryana
IP: / February 27, 2013 / 6:40 am

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