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Phone got stolen during ride in Ola Cabs

This is regarding a recent ride I took on Ola cabs, Bangalore. I was travelling via ola cabs to Bangalore International Airport since I had to drop my injured friend. Throughout my travel that day, my phone was with me since I was using the GPS to navigate. Once we reached the airport, I placed the phone on the cars seat since friend of mine had a fractured leg and I was helping him get off the car and finally when I was off the car, and turned back to take my phone from the car and the ola taxi driver drove off with my phone.

Soon I took my friends phone and tried calling my phone and now my phone was switched off. I took the issue to Ola and they said, they have enquired with the driver, and the driver says he doesn’t have the phone. it was also told me to that, the driver was in the airport for the next one after he dropped me and some strangers got into the car and it was them, who actually stole my phone. When I asked the ola team to share the details of the cab, and the driver, they didn’t do. All I have is just the invoice.

Now its very clear the the driver knew that my phone was in the car itself. I need justice in this regard. Ola team has closed the complaint stating that since the driver doesn’t have the phone, we are closing the complaint.

Looking forward to your support.

Bharath M
Kodialbail, Mangalore 575003, Karnataka
Email: / 17/05/2016 / 2:23 pm

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