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Regarding attitude of Capital First towards borrowers

I’ve availed a personal loan from Capital First on a 24 EMI basis. The EMI is supposed to be debited from my bank account on the 5th of every month. Till February 2017, there is no EMI due on my part to Capital First. The EMI for this month, that is, March 2017, has unfortunately bounced due to insufficient balance in my account.

My father had been hospitalised due to a knee surgery and, as he is not a pensioner, I have to support him financially. The operation was done on 25th February and, he is still under strict supervision and medication( can produce all the relevant papers if needed) That’s the reason I’m going through a cash crunch for the time being.

However, a representative from Capital First called me up on the 10th of March (7.15 pm) regarding the payment of the bounced EMI. I assured the person that I’ll definitely make the payment along with the late fees before the end of the month.

A lady from Capital First called me up yesterday at 4.45 pm and asked me when I’m going to make the payment. At that time, I was on my way to visit the doctor who is looking after my father to discuss his condition. I told her it would not be possible for me to arrange the amount before the last week of this month and, requested her to co-operate stating my problems. She suddenly began to shout over the phone telling me that I must pay by 22nd March. I again told her that it would perhaps not be possible to make it on 22nd, but, anyway, asked her to call me up on the 22nd morning. At this, she went berserk and started using abusive language  She told me she was going to send someone to my office and at my residence and, I’ve to face dire consequences if I fail to pay by 22nd! I asked her if she was threatening me and, she bluntly said, I can take her words as THREATS. She also added I’m faking my problems and the company has done a great favour by issuing a loan to a “BEGGAR” like me.

I was stunned at her choice of words and, asked her to hang up. She shouted again at the top of her voice stating she would keep on calling me until I commit to paying on 22nd. I disconnected my mobile. After that, between 4.51 pm and 5.07 pm, she called me 37 times!!! I accepted her calls a few times, but she immediately disconnected without uttering a single word and again called. This farce continued until I switched off my mobile.

All these were immensely humiliating and frustrating for me and, as a patient of hypertension, I almost fell sick on my way. This is the first time I’ve availed a loan and I’m paying the EMIs duly. In spite of that, even after my commitment to make the payment along with late fees et al before the month ends, this lady, has verbally and psychologically tortured me yesterday. I have the recorded clips of our conversation on my mobile where she is shooting a diatribe against me. I can produce them if needed.

I really want to know, is this the policy of the company to threaten customers in this way? Is this legal to use such abusive language against customers just because she/he has missed a SINGLE EMI and has promised to pay before the ned of the month? Isn’t is utterly inhuman to humiliate someone without understanding or co-operating?

I would highly appreciate if someone on behalf of Capital First come forward and answers my questions. I also wish they will be taking some exemplary action against the said employee. I have suffered a lot both physically and psychologically for their employee’s behaviour and, I certainly want to take action against this.

Maniparna M
Kolkata 700084, West Bengal
Email: / 17/03/2017 / 4:37 pm

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  1. Dear Mr. Maniparna M,

    At the outset we regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    We would request you to write to us on with your loan account number and contact number to assist you further.

    Assuring you of our best services always.

    Capital First Limited

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